Saturday, February 19, 2011


We went on the Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey tour last night, I'm almost always laughably early to anything I sign up for (tours, work but always late to personal events) so we got there a half hour early and sat down in the Rackhouse Pub. We had just eaten Taco Bell (blah I regretted that awful tasting decision immediately) so all we got were pretzel bites (delicious) and beer.  I had Dry Dock Apricot Blonde and Chris had Great Divide Grand Cru. Both beers were awesome for totally different reasons.  If you like fruity beers Apricot Blonde tasted like liquid apricots and Grand Cru (at 11% abv) was impressive.

The tour was pretty simple, we've been on a couple beer tours and it's a fairly similar process, so really we were just there to taste some whiskey. This stuff is 94 proof and therefore had a good burn. She had us try it straight and with a micro-splash of water. The water really changed the flavor... for the better. It was pretty good for whiskey (I'm a tequila girl myself) but this place was definitely another great place to take guests new to Denver.

Stranahan's takes volunteers to label bottles when orders come in for their whiskey, we're signing up in the lottery because well... that would be awesome. You get free beers and whiskey for spending a few hours in their assembly line.

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