Thursday, February 10, 2011

snow tires

When I moved out here I asked just about everybody if I needed to invest in snow tires.  In general the response was "no, just drive carefully and you'll be fine." I'm actually a pretty good driver, I was in a tiny accident when I was 17 and learned a lot from the "tiny accident" that cost me $600. At 17 loosing half the money I had in the bank really got me to drive more carefully.

October came and went with very little snow even though I was warned that "the first snow fall comes on Halloween." The same thing happened in November.  I was warned that "the first real measurable snow comes on Thanksgiving" but we got almost nothing.  I hadn't even thought about snow tires for months before our first real snow at the end of December.

My parents came out to keep me company over Christmas while Chris was in Florida and we had a great time.  No snow meant we could head over to Golden, Boulder and Black Hawk. I had three days off work and we were off exploring the outskirts of Denver. They left on Christmas day and Chris returned.  Two days later his sister and younger brother arrived.  We headed to Boulder right away because we heard rumor that snow was coming.

The day after they arrived we got hit with snow while we were out driving around. I started sliding sideways down Colorado Blvd and then again down Colfax.  After the second time I almost caused an accident I thought it best to pull off and call a tow truck. It took hours to get the tow truck and the lady I talked to on the phone forgot to inform the driver there were 4 of us riding with him to my apartment. We all piled on top of each other in the tiny truck cab and finally got home 3 hours later.

I think everyone giving me advice assumed (as did I) that I at least had all-purpose tires. The tires that came on my car when I bought it were "summer tires" meaning they had basically no tread.  I definitely suggest investing in a good pair of snow tires if you move up north, spare yourself the embarrassment.

When we got home Ada decided to try and toboggan.

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