Friday, February 11, 2011

rocky mountain oysters

My friend from college who now lives in Georgia came out to visit a few weeks ago and we went on the Coors tour in Golden.  At the end of the Coors tour you're given a "golden ticket" good for 5 to 20 percent off (or up to $500) at a local shop/restaurant. We cozied up to a biker bar in Golden (we are absolutely not bikers but it looked fun) and saw rocky mountain oysters on the menu.

Chris and I are well aware of what rocky mountain oysters are (no they aren't real oysters) but my friend had no idea.  We were so excited to finally see them on a menu because they're really hard to find.

They didn't look anything like what I expected, and my friend thought it was  tongue. We were all surprised, bull testicle... not all that bad.

Later that night we went to Euclid Hall downtown in Denver and had another culinary experience with fried pig ears.  If you get the thinner pieces they taste a lot like onion rings, the big hunks had a textural issue for me and I totally cringed the first time. Euclid Hall has a really great vibe if you're in the area, it's walking distance to 16th Street Mall and has lots of "experimental food." The menu includes bone marrow, foie gras and (awesome) hops infused pickles.

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