Thursday, February 10, 2011


One of the most difficult parts of moving was plotting our route from Tampa to Denver.  We wanted to take the longer route and stop for a night in New Orleans and maybe somewhere in Texas but we weighed our options and figured the shortest, most direct route would be best because Ada was traveling with us.  So it was up and over, 3 days with plenty of pit stops.

There was only one stop really worth mentioning.  Just before Colorado somewhere in west Kansas is Prairie Dog Town. I'll quote the owner here that it's "the only zoo in America that lets in dogs."

Ada scoping out some coyotes, but it was the open field of prairie dogs that really peaked Ada's interest.

If you ever find yourself plotting a road trip this way try to skip Missouri, it was definitely the most boring stretch of land. But if it's the Missouri way you're taking don't forget to check out Prairie Dog Town (especially if your pup needs to stretch her legs) in Kansas.

I'm used to taking road trips, almost every summer of my younger years my mom would get my aunt to drive with her while my sister, cousin and I lounged around watching tv in the back of the van.  Always headed to Michigan the route quickly became familiar but we always had fun. Chris is not a huge road trip fan though, I'm hoping he enjoys the road trip to DC a little more.

Whether we enjoyed the trip or not, here we are 1869 miles later in Denver.

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